Big News From Brainfeeder

Wow this is exciting! Brainfeeder reported on a new group formed by none other than Prefuse 73 and Astral Plane favorite, Teebs. Teebs anounced the collab album via twitter: “big day today. starting work with Prefuse 73 on a collab record.” Prefuse 73 (Guillermo Scott Herren) has been making ambient/hip hop beats for quite some time now. He started his producing career in 1997 and has multiple monikers that he releases music under; Prefuse 73, Delarosa & Asora, Amhmad Szabo, and Piano Overlord. Herren’s first release under Prefuse 73 was his successful Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives. On the hip hop side of things, he released Surrounded by Silence in 2005, which included features from Ghostface, Aesop Rock, GZA, and others. For an introduction into Herren’s production, check out “Perverted Undertone” off of One Word Extinguisher below.

I am very excited for this release because it will combine Prefuse 73’s electronic glitchy hip hop beats with Teebs’ ever improving skills in chopped sampling and acoustic instrumentation. We have previously posted on Teebs here and you can check out one of my favorites, Verbena Tea, with the beautiful harpist Rebekah Raff. Hopefully we will be hearing more from these two sooner rather than later. Happy Friday everybody. Enjoy the beats. Also, Teebs is a pretty damn good artist and you can check out an awesome little documentary that shows his creative process here

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