Two New Black Moth Super Rainbow Tracks Prove They’re As Weird As Ever

Black Moth Super Rainbow is one of those bands that really don’t have any peers. They’re too weird. Too experimental. Too involved in the abstract. Through this, they have garnered an equally unique sort of cult following. Based in Pittsburgh and propelled by creative mastermind Tobacco, the group has attracted fans since their first official release (Falling Through A Field) in 2004, via their unique blend of synth-driven pop, folk structure and psychedelic aesthetic. Their music is colorful as hell and evokes emotions that few musical acts can. To put it succinctly, BMSR makes you feel like your some long-forgotten hallucinogen, like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. That’s not a declaration that their music is best accompanied by drugs (although partaking couldn’t help) though. Instead, BMSR have the ability to take you to a realm few others have ventured to.

Anyways, it has been three years since the quartet released an LP (Eating Us and two years since Tobacco’s last release. Luckily for all of us with sunburnt eyes and warped eardrums, two new songs have made it onto the interwebs. The first, “spraypaint” is a track from the full group with all of the characteristics we’ve come to expect from BMSR. The cascading synths, heavily vocodered vocals and indecipherable lyrics are all there. The second track, this one by Tobacco and Zackey Force Funk under the name Demon Queen trends towards Tobacco’s more abrasive hip hop oriented work. I’m not familiar with Zackey’s work, but this is a distinctly Tobacco driven song. I can’t even keep track of how times and in how many ways the vocals are altered on “el camino 2.” Less psych-y than most BMSR material, the lyrics are sung at times and rapped at others, creating a beat atmosphere whereas BMRS go for esoteric ambience. Both tracks highlight what makes BMSR and its individual artists so revered by their fanbase. Stream both tracks above and below.

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