New Track and Album Announcement from Purity Ring

A few weeks back, we featured the genre-bending Toronto duo Purity Ring as our Sasquatch Artist of the Week. I can’t stop listening to these guys, and up until now I’ve had to loop through a few delicious tracks over and over again. Earlier this month, however, the band announced they had signed to 4AD and Last Gang Records, which was promising news for those of us who have been holding our breath for new material. The good news continues today, with an album name, release date, and a kick-ass single off the album. According to Purity Ring’s twitter, the new release will be called Shrines, and we can expect it on July 24th; check out the album art above. Listen below to “Obedear,” the first single off Shrines. It’s a little more low-key than the tracks we’ve heard from Purity Ring thus far, but it doesn’t lack any of the precision or dreamy complexity of their previous songs. The production is spot-on, the vocals are mellow and pensive, and the lyrics are full of Purity Ring’s signature vivid, stream-of-consciousness imagery. You can download the track for free at their website.

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