Frank B and the Classic Chicago House Sound

We’ve mentioned the perils of an artist appropriating musical styles from far away locales several times at The Astral Plane. There are obvious pros and cons and whether the artist is successful or not more or less comes down to their ability to pay attention to detail. That’s not to say that an artist needs to follow a specific blueprint, but they do need to take into account the historical implications of their work. The old informs the new just as much as the new informs the old. When I listened to Dublin producer/DJ Frank B’s “Chain Of Fools” Chicago House was all I could think about. The vocals, kick and funky bassline all seemed straight of The Warehouse. I’m no Chicago House aficionado by any standards, but I can recognize the classic sound.

As much as I enjoyed the track right off the bat, that association worried me, probably due to my naïveté. Why should I care that a track with such quality, tight production is informed by another city’s genre? Well, eventually I got over the silly distinctions that plague my mind and learned to enjoy “Chain Of Fools” for what it is; one of the best house tracks to come out in quite some time. Beautifully entrancing and hard hitting at the same time on a classic The Juan Maclean tip. It makes me sad that music like this is so often overlooked while… I’m sure sure you know where I’m going with this so end rant. Anyways, give the track a rinse below and head over to XLR8R for a free download.

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