LyteSho Drops Fifth Tape of 2012, Chainsaw EP

As distraught as it makes me, the majority of the hip hop listening populace holds a certain disdain for the instrumental tape. In my opinion, this is because a lack of respect for the production side of the bidness, but it’s also because instrumental tapes are so often monotonously clunky. Despite these reservations, the instrumental tape is exactly where Pennsylvanian LyteSho excels. The Chainsaw EP, LyteSho’s fifth release of 2012, is yet another fastidious release from the 19 year old Wilkes-Barre resident. Coming in at just under 16 minutes, the tape is long enough to give you a taste of the direction the young producer is moving without boring you with the asinine details. A remix of Shlohmo’s “Birthday Beat” breaks the tape up nicely, without breaking the flow. Chainsaw is not a mixtape, but moves in enough of a quietly controlled manner that it might as well be. LyteSho removes some of the sticky gauze that has both aided and weighed down previously releases, resulting in a more clear-eyed, down to earth product. The EP is probably his most true to form collection of straight up hip hop beats. Like all of his previous releases, Chainsaw is available for free on Bandcamp. Stream and download below.

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