Grown Folk and LOL Boys Prep First Young Adults 12″

If you’ve even remotely followed our social media activity, you’ve surely noticed we have somewhat of an obsession over the Leeor Brown headed Friends of Friends label. When I heard that Brown, along with DJ David Fisher, was starting up a more house oriented label, I could barely contain my enthusiasm. One of my favorite facets of FoF is its broad style and genre sensibilities, but some straightforward four on the floor madness is also good in my book. Young Adults will celebrate its first release, courtesy of Grown Folk and LOL Boys, on June 19th. Yesterday, the first track on YA001 was let loose on Soundcloud and the two production duos went bananas on this one. For the uninitiated, Grown Folk are a Montreal duo who have begun to get their name out, both based on their production acumen and their spot as Main Attrakionz’ DJ’s. I believe you already know Jerome and Markus of LOL Boys. “Ghostpath” relies heavily on the TB-303 for the majority of the track and before long it fully takes over. The track is more complex than most acid tracks, but still far more understated than most of LOL Boys previous work. I can’t wait to hear that bassline destroy the dancefloor in a live setting. Stream below and cop YA001 on 12″ June 19.

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