Lunice U Durty

One of these days I’m gonna post about something substantive, something beautiful. But 2 me, making a club banger is becoming more and more important these days and is an art form in itself. I’m a little late to the party, but this track has been making some serious waves on the cloud of sound, and for good reason.  Lunice’s rework of Flosstradamus and Danny Brown has all that I need on the dancefloor: a deeeep 808, snares/claps/whoops that stutter along perfectly with a nasty hook of a vocal sample, and some dark, wavy vibes. This is the kind of track that a casual listener might write off as cheap and dirty, but I see it as careful and focused. It’s focused on a subject material and sound that would immediately scare off most listeners over 25, but as far as something that fits into the hip-hop/club tradition, I love this track. It’s out now as a remix track on Flosstradamus’ Jubilation 2.0 EP, released through Fools Gold Records.

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