New EP From Florida Prodigy xxyyxx

It’s hard not to mention the age of Marcel Everett, better known as xxyyxx, when speaking to his music. The 16 year old Orlando native has been releasing tracks to his Soundcloud and Bandcamp page since last Summer and has garnered a venerable online following. In march, he released his self-titled debut on Orlando label Relief in Abstract Records, a reverb heavy romp through contemporary R&B and hip hop. xxyyxx sounds a little like Balam Acab’s minimal chamber music sampling cataclysm’s, but is far more direct. He doesn’t make outright hip hop beats like Clams Casino, although he does share some sonic similarities, opting instead for winding tales of hi hats, pitched vocals and yes, plenty of reverb. These are not beats that any MC could rap over. Not satisfied with the success of xxyyxx, Everett has released several projects including his most recent, a two track EP titled DOLOR. The EP is short in length, but not lacking in quality and should serve as a nice stopgap between xxyyxx and his next full length. Stream and download below.

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