The Gaslamp Killer Debuts New Single, Album Dropping In September

Since its inception around the mid aughts, the Los Angeles beat scene has turned out dozens of stars, garnering acclaim across the globe.  The residents of Low End Theory spend weeks at a time traveling and performing in locales as far-flung as Japan. Similar scenes have popped up in just about every city in the US spawning a whole new generation of talented DJ’s and producers. Flying Lotus is generally (and rightfully) credited as the breakout star, but another man, born William Bensussen, has had as much or more of a role in the promulgation of the City of Angels’ distinct sound. That’s right, the Mother.Fucking.Gaslamp.Killer. Known for his unparalleled crate digging, inexhaustible energy and the  sheer number of angles his hair can point simultaneously, GLK is one of the most visible members of LA’s music community. Despite this, his production skills are often overlooked. As of September 18, that trend will surely end. That’s the day Bensussen’s debut full length, the aptly titled Breakthrough, will smack everyone who’s anyone who’s anything across the face like a cold fish. September is a long ways away so the Killer let loose the first single from the LP for all the devout followers of the church of GLK. Head over to Pitchfork to stream the Miguel Atwood-Ferguson assisted track, which will hopefully be out in some other incantation in the near future, and start the countdown to September 18.

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