SBTRKT Channels Gold Panda, Lone On “Gloss”

SBTRKT’s 2011 debut was more than just a special album, it let the world know that bass music and pop music could overlap and intercede in exciting new fashions. Just listen to the latest LOL Boys EP for example, full of emotive vocals and an overt pop sensibility. I can’t say for sure whether Markus and Jerome are influenced by the London producer, but it sure sounds like it. SBTRKT’s latest track, “Gloss” is a blur of skittish technicolor synths and rhythms, highly reminiscent of the mood of Lone’s latest project and the structure (or lack there of) of much of Gold Panda’s work. Little snacks like “Gloss” might just satiate us as we await a followup to 2011’s SBTRKT. Stream below.

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