Haleek Maul and Supreme Cuts Debut Chrome Lips via Mishka

Since we interviewed Haleek Maul back in May, the young Barbadian has been on an absolute tear. In June, Maul’s debut Oxyconteen EP put his tattered mental state on blast, giving fans new and old one of the rawest listening experiences they’ll have in a long minute. What we’ve really been waiting for though has finally emerged today. Back in May, Maul spoke on an upcoming mixtape with Chicago production duo Supreme Cuts who are leading the back when it comes to viscous hip hop bangers. Chrome Lips finally emerged today, featuring 17 originals from one of the most uncouth minds in contemporary music. Maul’s eclectic, dexterous flow allows Supreme Cuts to dip and dive from the airiest peaks to the dankest dungeons of their production dichotomy. Verses from Deniro Farrar, MondreMan and Squadda B offer short respites from Maul’s often severe flow, vastly improving the overall flow of tape. Mishka is giving away the tape for free as they’re known to do and you would be making a mistake not to snatch this one up right now. Another high profile mixtape dropped today, but Chrome Lips is the one that people are going to remember (no shots). Stream and download Chrome Lips below.

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