Introducing Daniel Abary’s Four Visions

Like many artists of the same ilk, Four Visions was devised in a Brooklyn bedroom. A side-project of Daniel Abary, who also fronts fellow Brookyln act Sight Seeing, Four Visions embraces the bedroom aesthetic like few can. Understanding the limitations of his set up, Abary utilizes ambient noise and lucid melodies to their full extent with a result sure to please even the most jaded listener. The simplicity of Abary’s songwriting allows Four Visions to flourish, as the emphasis is put on fleeting nostalgia, without falling into the pitfalls of formula. The refrain of “I will let you come” on “About You” is slightly filtered, but not overdone with effects, allowing it to maintain its natural cadence while drafting throughout, coming up for air occasionally over the song’s 4:22 runtime. Stream and download “About You” below and check out more of Abary’s tunes at the Four Visions Soundcloud.

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