Jim-E Stack Stands Out At Boiler Room NY

The Boiler Room’s American editions have been on fire lately, LA bringing in Friends of Friends and New York hosting a coterie of young production talent and left-field MC’s. At the end of July, hip hoppers Haleek Maul, Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire, Flatbush Zombies took the stage at Boiler Room NY and tore it done. The one seeming outlier on the line-up that night was Body High representative Jim-E Stack, but by the end of his, his place on the bill was more than justified. For some reason, the Body High sound works perfectly when surrounded by pure-bred hip hop. Stack, DJ Sliink and Myrryrs clearly play a ton of hip hop in their sets, but it still surprised me when this set fit perfectly in between the stark sounds of Haleek Maul and Flatbush Zombies. Stream the mix below and download it here.

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