Lost Midas Drops Drum Sticks, Looks Up To The Future

Over the past few months, a number of producers from the TeamSupreme beat cypherin’ clique have snatched our attention. Every week, the new TeamSupreme volume makes our collective neck snap to dangerous degrees, leaving us equally sedated and turn’t. The latest TeamSupreme contributor to grab our attention is Lost Midas aka Jason Trikakis, a former drummer who has recently put down the drum sticks, moved to Los Angeles and taken up beat work. Jason’s brother, Nick, is fellow beatsmith NüTrik, and the two now form Luv Ü Records, a sort of artist collective/recording studio outfit that has released sessions from Gypsy Mamba and Kill The Computer over the past few months. Lost Midas’ own tunes aim for pop-inflected beat work, not unlike Com Truise, both in their structure and use of analogue synths. Trikakis doesn’t try and reclaim any lost nostalgia though, opting to look straight-forward. Check out the video for standout “Love Undone” here, and stream it below along with “Dance Monkeys”. The debut Lost Midas EP will be out on November 6.

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