Daphni Runs Through Three Decades Of House Music At Boiler Room

Full disclosure: attending Boiler Room is something of a dream of mine (hayyy organizers) that has yet to be fully realized. I’m currently abroad and I heard about the Decibel Festival x Boiler Room events in my hometown of Seattle I nearly broke down in tears. Similarly, I have been unable to attend any events in Los Angeles where I spend most of the year. That’s why it kills me to see an apathetic crowd like the one at the Daphni/Four Tet curated Boiler Room earlier this week. Sure it’s awkward to be on camera, but at least act like you want to be there. IT’S FUCKING CARIBOU UP THERE. Ok, deep breath. Rant over. Performing as Daphni (read our Jiaolong review here), Dan Snaith ran through disco, acid and deep house numbers that clearly influenced the album. There aren’t many DJs out there who can meld the sounds of the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s so effortlessly, but Snaith excels in a uniquely timeless manner. Stream the mix above.

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