New Julio Bashmore – “Husk”

So Broadwalk Records is Julio Bashmore’s record label and the outlet for song of the year candidate “Au Seve”. In the five months since the Bristol native launched Broadwalk, the label has only released three singles, but when those singles are from Bashmore himself and Zed Bias alter ego Maddslinky, I can’t really be mad. Quality over quantity right? So you might be asking yourself why should I listen to listen to an 8 minute house song now? Haven’t those been irrelevant for like two decades? Regardless of the whole garage house resurgence talk, few listeners have the patience to listen to an eight minute song. To be honest with you, I usually don’t have the patience to listen to an 8 minute song. Unless it’s by Kendrick Lamar. “Husk” just has that hip swangin’ quality that Mr. Bashmore has all but mastered at this point and 8 minutes never sounded so good. And it’s Friday so fuck it. Stream below.

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