Rinse RATKING’s Take On King Krule’s “Octopus”

Enjoy the next few weeks of RATKING before XL re-releases Wiki93 and the shitstorm of hyperbolic think-pieces and comparisons rains down upon us. They’ve already been called a “young OF” and really, what could be more off-base? The fact that Wiki93 is being remastered (much needed) and released on a label as respected as XL is kind of a mindfuck considering how raw these dudes are, but power to them. The hype machine revved its engine last week as the official RATKING remix of (similarly hyped) British crooner/producer King Krule’s “Octopus” hit the interwebz. Adding a simple drum pattern and some typical New York gulliness  to the saccharin original, the boys get all retrospective, spitting about the “rusty rumble in the drums” and “peddling dimes”. At this point, RATKING are pretty one-dimensional and re-releases and hype machine collaborations aren’t going to change that. The remix will be released on Rinse Records (which does get me a little wet). Stream below.

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