Sunday’s Best (And Worst) With Bago

Usually when someone compares an artist to Lana Del Rey, I immediately switch off and move on to something else that will be inevitably more worthwhile. When Adele is mentioned in the same sentence, violence may occur. But even Bago’s press release couldn’t deter me from becoming slightly obsessed with the Los Angeles based singer. There’s something about that lo-fi R&B aesthetic I just can’t get enough of and Bago fits the profile to a T. The dark, ephemeral production from Bay Area-native Alexander Spit sets the table for Bago to do the whole “born bad” (there’s literally a song called “Born Bad”) act on her debut, Sunday’s Best. It really shouldn’t work, but she has the vocal chops to pull it off and the  chemistry between her and Spit is clear enough. Start with “I Forget You”, the clear album standout, and if you can get past the somewhat contrived nature of the whole deal, then stream/download the entire album at Bago’s Soundcloud. Apparently, there’s a new EP coming in January with some big collaborations. Bago, you have my ear, but I’m still skeptical. Prove me wrong.

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