Stream Scratcha DVA’s ‘Fly Juice’ EP, Out November 20

Leon “Scratcha DVA” Smart has never been one to genuflect to dance music standards, making a career producing off-kilter, often indigestible tune under the UK Funky banner. March’s Pretty Ugly LP was a challenging listen to say the least, and while DVA’s refusal to acquiesce to convention is admirable, the album is ugly and twisted at times. Next month (November 20), DVA returns for his second release of the year on Kode9’s legendary Hyperdub and based on the previews, he has ironed out many of the wrinkles imposed on Pretty Ugly. The Fly Juice EP consists of four stuttering, soul-inflected house tracks that borrow from all corners of the bass music sphere, from funky and garage to grime and techno. DVA calls it “power house” and it’s hard to disagree considering the heart pumping nature of the EP. Astral Plane fave French Fries will contribute a remix (!), as will Hype Williams member Inga Copeland. Stream the previews below and be sure to grab one of the year’s most exuberant dance releases on November 20.

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