New Daedelus – ‘Looking Ocean’

Daedelus-Looking Ocean

Looking Ocean, the new release by L.A. beat magician Daedelus, is up for free download at Scion A/V.  With this EP, We find our hero embarking on a journey in a new direction and to a new dimension. After creating a musical persona that centers around shuffling, stretching, warping, and layering found samples and synths characteristic of a certain genre to reveal unexpected yet even more groovy patterns, he has stepped outside of that space, or perhaps further into it. Now we hear no discernable samples, just lush synths and crushed drums that stand alone and carry new emotions with them. This mixture forms the base of new rhythmic and harmonic soundscapes that Daedelus lets swirl around you and lift you up to the heavens. Still, despite these wings we can hear the roots quite clearly. Daedelus commented on the youtube video for “Platforming”:

“I’d challenge any players out there (especially Jazz) to perform over these changes. The chords are a circle of fifths (same as “Giant Steps” by John Coltrane). I know the song might not be the first you’d think of performing along with, but the results could surprise…”

Challenge accepted.

Beyond this, The tracks “Looking Ocean” with Brainfeeder’s resident virtuoso pianist Austin Peralta and “Flying Sail” With Computer Jay have some of the most compelling and unconventional synergies of futuristic rhythmic and compositional experimentation with traditional melodic and chordal… well… just listen, and download.

Here’s “Platforming” for your viewing and listening pleasure.

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