New Lil Ugly Mane – )​)​)​____◎◎◎◎█████

The lugubrious one’s laptop done broke and the entirety of his new Little Sunshine EP was lost in the ether. A real national tragedy. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait longer to hear the EP, but there is some consolation. Ugly Mane let loose an 10+ minute mix of new music that is just drenched in 90’s Memphis stench, proving once again that the Richmond resident has no equals in the revivalist sound. Like the Mista Thug Isolation tape, this new material (not writing out that title) has a very conscious aspect to it despite its overt boastfulness. The standout track revolves around one of Ugly Mane’s friends who’s on the needle and has been disowned by his own kin. He’s not a “conscious” rapper (whatever the fuck that means) in the traditional sense, but he is conscious of his surroundings and is clearly invested in them. Hopefully this is just a stopgap (a damn good one) until the Raider Klan mastermind’s next full project and we’ll be receiving full tunes soon.

1 comment
  1. grimm said:

    damn that blows, rip to what would’ve been a instant classic, for sure.

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