Rave To The Grave With Ejeca

Remember when raves were essentially roller coasters  of euphoric emotions and ravers only cared about the music? I sure don’t, but I feel like that’s the world that London-based producer Ejeca lives in. With a sound entrenched in 90’s house, Ejeca’s work is simple and beautiful. It doesn’t ask a lot from the listener, but it isn’t supposed to. It’s fun, vibe oriented music meant to be enjoyed without inhibition in the company of good friends. He recently remixed Australian five-piece Panama’s “It’s Not Over” into a seductive after-hours anthem. Whereas the original is pretty standard pop fare, Ejeca’s rework is pretty much impossible not to get sucked into once the piano and twinkling hi-hats kick in. Luckily, you can have the track right now the low price of free.99 or just stream it below. Maybe it will transport you to the mental oasis Ejeca inhabits. The track will appear on the It’s Not Over Remixes, out November 2 via Future Classics.

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