Shaman Rapping With Joey Bada$$ And Ab-Soul

Joey Bada$$ has seen a dramatic rise to prominence over the past few months, partially due to his well above average rhyming skills, but also because of his revivalist take on 90’s hip hop (more on that here). As much as I enjoy 1999 cuts like “Daily Routine” and “Where It’$ At”, I’ve had a difficult time really embracing Joey and would honestly listen to, like, hip hop that is actually from the 90’s. Anyways, Bada$$ is an intriguing figure who is clearly a hip hop purist, a position I can’t knock. Plus he can really spit. Recently, Bada$$’ “Waves” was released as a single on iTunes (also on 1999) and is accompanied by an Ab-Soul assisted b-side. “Enter The Void” sees the Abstract Asshole and Bada$$ discussing higher levels of being over a classic sounding beat (no surprise) centered around organs and funky bass. Bada$$ almost demands that you “keep your motherfuckin’ chakras open” on the chorus and Ab-Soul throws out Sean Carter and Jesus as his only rivals. I’m still a little bit hesitant to get on the Bada$$ train, but that Stussy Seattle shirt he’s wearing the photo below might just do it. Stream below and cop the single here.

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  1. d0mniscient said:

    Lovin the posts Gabe

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