New Nicolas Jaar – “Play The Drums For Me”

Nico Jaar is often described in the terms of his prestigious education and globe-trotting experience. Depending on your orientation towards Ivy League comparative literature majors, you might come to the conclusion that Jaar is a pretentious prick. If you adopt that attitude towards the Chilean-American genius (and I don’t use that word lightly), then you should probably fuck off. Anyways, Jaar’s  new song, “Play The Drums For Me”, is really pretentious (not to go back on myself or anything). Three minutes of monotone, metaphysical spoken word is layered over restive deep house resulting in one of the most hypnotizing songs you will hear all year. The spoken word is actually a 13th century sufi mystic prayer and is, in a sense, the embodiment of Jaar’s approach to space, independent of time and physicality. You can find “Play The Drums For Me” on Acid Pauli‘s contribution to Crosstown Rebels’ mix cd series or just stream below.

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