Jamie xx 55 Minute Boiler Room Mix

jamie xx

What can we even say about Jamie Smith at this point? Besides guiding The xx’s sophomore LP and producing for the likes of Drake and Alicia Keys, Sir Jamie (he’s a Knight in our book) has somehow found the time to hone his disc jockeying acumen. Laying down a 54 minute set at last night’s Young Turks/Boiler Room event, Jamie not only demonstrated flawless song selection and sonic progression, but improved mixing ability. After opening with what is presumably his own remix of Coexist bonus cut “Reconsider”, Jamie continues on to match the beatific qualities inherent in his The xx material with the heavier techno he’s been known to play out in live sets. It’s not an easy balance to attain, but Smith handles it with aplomb, brightening and darkening the mood effortlessly. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what makes a great mix, but whether you exemplary mixing ability or protean song selection, Smith has you covered. Stream and download below.

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