New Ryan Hemsworth – “BasedWorld”

ryan-hemsworthI don’t need to tell you that Ryan Hemsworth was one of 2012’s most apogeic performers. The rest of blog world has that covered I think. Not to toot our own horn or anything, but we did interview Ryan back in April. Just sayin’. Anyways, “BasedWorld”, right. Sounding as triumphant as he ever has, Hemsworth’s “BasedWorld” falls somewhere between video game proportions super hero music and an “I’m God” approximation. There a few points last year that Hemsworth’s glut of remixes began to sound a little verbose and mechanical, but “BasedWorld” certainly bucks that, proving that despite a propinquity for remixes, his best work comes in the form of originals. Stream below and download here.

Update: Commenter ei8htzer0 pointed out that sample in “BasedWorld” is M83’s “Moon Child”.

  1. ei8htzer0 said:

    This beat is basically just a pitched-up sample of “M83 – Moonchild”.

    Still good though.

  2. Ahhhh spot on! Gonna throw in a little update crediting you.

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