Airhead’s 1-800-Dinosaur Mix


1-800 Dinosaur is a London party that was founded by James Blake and friends a few years ago and often features the best of the Croydon and R&S Records. Blake often performs at the parties himself and is known to play out new material with regularity. Like so many other club nights, 1-800 Dinosaur recently established a mix series and brought in Airhead to ordain it with 53 minutes of deck mastery. The mix sees Airhead take a step back from his stuttering half-step originals to play out some classic house and some more techy contemporary stuff. We’ve written a lot recently about establishing a vibe in a DJ mix/set, and while it’s a quality that is nearly impossible to pen down in writing, Airhead surely has it. The mix chugs along effortlessly until the 42 minute mark when Airhead’s own “Pyramid Lake” begins to emerge from the mix and then all chaos ensues. A crazed Mala tunes comes next and then all Airhead originals to close out the mix. As nice as the house-oriented portion of the mix is, Airhead clearly comes into his own when fucking around with is own and his London cohort’s material. Stream below and download here.

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  1. Such a good mix, I would love to attend that night. Sounds like a phenomenal time!

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