New Ifan Dafydd – “Celwydd”

ifan dafydd

Ifan Dafydd has maintained a low profile since emerging out of the UK with the Amy Winehouse sampling “No Good” back in 2011, but that doesn’t mean he’s been resting on his laurels. Last week, Dafydd reentered the music world’s collective conscious with the sublime “Celwydd”. It might not be the most innovative jawn you’ll hear this week, but it’s one of the more beautiful post-“Hyph Mngo” attempts you’ll come across this side of James Blake. Pitter patter percussion and chopped beyond recognition vocals are propelled by those silky smooth synths. The bassline adds some indulgent funk, but are mostly extraneous in the grand scheme of “Celwydd”. The track will appear on an upcoming compilation from Recordiau Lliwgar, out March of this year.

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  1. Tyler said:

    Ifan and James were actually flatmates while at University. Source: Blake’s drummer outside the First Avenue, whilst smoking a hand-rolled cigarette

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