The Kevin Gates Story

kevin gates luca brasi

These bitches love Luca

The Luca Brasi Story is finally here and it might just be the clearest Kevin Gates tape to date. In the past, Gates’ dual growling/crooning sides have come into awkward contact with each other, but on Luca Brasi, the two styles meld perfectly. Gates’ gritty Southern street tales angle isn’t exactly the freshest hip hop around, but few artists can convey the dire nature of life (and life in Baton Rouge is certainly dire) quite like Gates. Curren$y and Master P add some classic Louisiana flavor in their features and should assist in bringing Gates some much deserved attention outside of his own state. The highlights of the tape are “Just Ride” and “Hero”, two conflicted anti-hero takes that offer up Gates as sensitive thug, community leader, and well, someone you probably shouldn’t fuck with unless you want to sleep with the fishes (I’m sorry, I had to). The production work from Maven Boys, Grizzly On The Beat and others is undistinguished, but generally stays out of the way and highlights Gates’ snarl especially well. Grab The Luca Brasi Story over at DatPiff and make plenty of Godfather references this week.

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