Giraffage Has Been Thinking About You

giraffage needs

Coming together with Los Angeles label/distribution outfit, San Francisco’s Giraffage has released the nine track Needs tape, a collection of all original “Sample-Based Pop” that is easily the man born Charlie Yin’s most cohesive and impressive release to date. Needs is largely based in contemporary hip hop and R&B, but runs the gamut of moods, ranging from triumphant dance numbers (“Money”, “Checkmate”) to impressively restrained bedroom choons (“Thinking About You”, “Undress U”). The bedroom tunes are really where Yin shines and represent his ability to morph rather garish elements (like the booming snares that are everywhere) into an integral, yet understated, element of the overall mix. In a fit of good will, Giraffage and Alpha Pup are giving Needs away for free, so stream below and toss it onto the harddrive asap.

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