New Young L – “Atari”

young L

More than almost any other producer, Young L (formerly of The Pack) helped bring rap music into the futuristic club realm it now inhabits. The Pack might have lacked in some qualities, but L’s production was always years ahead of his time. Bringing 90s ghetto house into the fold and looking up to the UK’s sense of bass weight, L formulated a West Coast sound that would morph into jerk and eventually the current “ratchet” phenomenon. Like many producers, L’s mic abilities have always been somewhat lacking, but he’s got an interesting left field approach and a decent enough sense of melody to craft solid hooks. “Atari” is the first track we’ve heard from L in quite some time and functions as the first single from his upcoming Young Fashion God LP. Predictably futuristic, “Atari” falls in the ridin’ music category and should not leave your Nissan’s cassette player for at least a few weeks. Stream below and look out for the album in April.

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