New Mount Kimbie – “Made To Stray”

mount kimbie

First debuted by Ben UFO on the Hessle Audio Rinse.FM show, the long-awaited first single from Mount Kimbie’s sophomore LP has finally come in a swirl of clicking four on the floor madness. More than that, we now know the title (Cold Spring Fault Less Youth) and exact release date (May 27) for the album. If that isn’t enough for you, “Made To Stray” is up for free download at this very moment. That’s right, brand new Mount Kimbie at your fingertips for no cost whatsoever. Long time listeners might be a little surprised at the direction Dom and Kal have taken on “Made To Stray”, but if you checked out our interview with the London duo, then the use of analogue drum machines and the steady kick drum should be a welcome addition to the use pot and pan percussion and elastic vocal work. “Made To Stray” also heavily features a vocalist and while the track certainly falls outside of the standard pop realm, it’s about as traditional an effort as we’ve seen from the duo. Then again, one of the major concepts behind Kimbie’s music has been to insert dubstep/house/garage/techno sensibilities into a more traditional song structure, something made abundantly clear on “Made To Stray”.

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