Caleb Stone Remixes Future’s “Karate Chop”

caleb stone

Despite releasing a wealth of quality material in the past year-plus, our favorite autotune automaton, the one and only Future, hasn’t been remixed nearly as much as some of his peers in the rappity singity game. We might receive one Future remix for every 10 Drizzy redos and that’s just not conducive to a positive music landscape. To help right the ship, Los Angeles resident Caleb Stone recently bootlegged “Karate Chop” into an equal parts melodic and molasses mess of hi hats and rippling synth work. Guitar licks encircle Nayvadius’ muted vocals projecting an opiatic effect to the original’s decidedly triumphant vibe. Stone’s remix has a little bit of a Ryan Hemsworth vibe to it in that Future’s vocals are kept almost entirely intact, but the track takes on an entirely new character with the Angeleno behind the wheel. Not to start the hype wheel or anything, but Stone might just be onto something here.

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