Karenn Remixes Delta Funktionen’s “Onkalo”


The industrial techno that Blawan and Pariah pump out as Karenn has an intrinsically physical nature to it. That’s a result of both the analogue equipment the duo use to make music and of the setting in which it seems destined to be played at. Whether gully warehouse raves really still exist on a widespread level is rather inconsequential, but it’s impossible to avoid that venue as the ideal place to hear Karenn play music. There are no bathrooms, security or ventilation in Karenn’s world and we’re all the better for it. The drugs your taking are probably bunk, but that’s all for the better in this hardline, rough-edged techno dystopia. It’s all about submerging oneself in the pure physicality. Karenn’s remix  of Delta Funktionen’s “Onkalo” is the second track in the below file. The remix will be released via Delsin on May 6.

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