Preview New Pearson Sound White Label

pearson sound

It’s been quite some time since David Kennedy abandoned dubstep and the London-based musician has been producing increasingly house-oriented music, under both his Pearson Sound and Ramadanman pseudonyms, ever since. On May 13, Kennedy will release PEARS24, a self-released white label that should see him continue to explore sparse, hard-hitting unremitting dancefloor madness. It’s difficult to put a Pearson Sound record into context with short previews like this, but this is the type of preview we just can’t pass up. The B1 track especially, “Figment”, is tantalizing as it’s about as far from the Kennedy’s previous output as one can expect. At the end of the preview, it hints at morphing into something more upbeat, but then it ends. Tantalizing to say the least. Stream previews below and look out for more release info in the near future.

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