Djrum Remixes Haraket’s “Taint”


Sometimes it’s really difficult to respond to a piece of music critically, or with any other response than “hey, this is really pretty”. That was my reaction after hearing Djrum’s remix of Haraket’s “Taint” and it still hasn’t changed. It’s easy to get caught up in the mesmerizing kicks, the melancholic chords and the wafting found sounds (and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing), but Djrum offers a real depth (check out his Seven Lies LP if you haven’t already) that most “beat” and/or “electronica” producers rarely attain. Instead of using percussion as a means of propping up a vocal performance, Djurum’s drums pulsate and mutate, drawing as much attention as the angelic vocals. Stream below and look out for Haraket’s upcoming single/12″.

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