Ryan Hemsworth Gives Back With Free ‘Still Awake’ EP

ryan hemsworth - still awake

Before becoming the Ryan Hemsworth, Ryan Hemsworth was a relatively unknown Halifax-native with a penchant for web-based jollies. In the past twelve months though, the man who first caught our attention via a string of quality remixes and free EPs has toured Europe, aligned himself with the ever-subversive Wedidit collective and engrained himself in the transposable joint worlds of Tumblr/Soundcloud. Hemsworth has also diversified his sound, extending himself into the realms of Jersey club and out-and-out house, as well as refining his hip hop production palate. Today, we received the Still Awake EP, an all-free-everything offering that reverts to the Hemsworth we originally fell in love with way back when. Still Awake is full of breezy house and hip hop numbers, replete with enough chipmunk vocals and airy synths to engage even the most jaded listener. The first five tracks are delightfully elevated, but the EP really kicks into gear with “All Our Thoughts Are Physical” and Japanese producer Taquwami’s remix of “Perfectly”, a seductive off-kilter jam that changes the tone of the EP entirely. It feels like the Tokyo-based producer is on the tip of everyone’s collective tongue these days and it’s only a matter of time before his music becomes ubiquitous. It usually only takes one remix or guest feature to make that happen and we applaud Hemsworth for sticking with his guns and supporting such a prodigious, yet under appreciated musician. Stream Taquwami’s remix below, hit the jump to stream the full EP and download the whole damn thang here.

  1. Didn’t you find the whole thing a little repetitive? It seems kind of symbolic that you gave more words to the remix at the end than any track by Hemsworth.

  2. And that’s exactly why it’s a free release! I also use the adjective “breezy” to connote both a relaxed summer vibe and the absence of any “real” (whatever that really means) substance. It’s a solid collection of tracks that Ryan decided to give away for free, can’t really hate on that.

  3. I’ve got a lot of love for his music. Each track on its own is outstanding, I just think as an EP it was a little bit homogenous. But as you say, we got it for free, definitely can’t hate on that.

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