New Flava D – “All They Do Is Hate”

flava d

With an ever growing stable of remarkably talented producers, Elijah & Skilliam’s Butterz label has been on the tip of the grime listening public’s proverbial tongue for the better part of a year now. Melding the bassline sounds of the North with the more traditional, both instrumental and vocal-oriented, grime sounds of London, Butterz has catapulted themselves from local fixture to international brand in under 12 months. While this rise can be mostly attributed to a team effort, we often look to Flava D as one of the main propulsive forces behind Butterz. With a sound that is at once raucous and sweet, the South London native’s “Hold On” is already one of the year’s biggest tunes and it doesn’t look like she’s stopping there. “All They Do Is Hate” is a more traditional bassline number, working Flava D’s signature vocal manipulations into rollicking sub bass. In short, it’s a brief, effective number that epitomizes everything we love about Butterz.

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