Murlo Blends Kevin Gates & Meleka On Latest Bootleg

dj sharda murlo

If you checked out Murlo’s recent contribution to Truants’ “Functions of the Now” mix series (or any of his other recent mixes), you’re privy to the London-based producer’s body moving, eclectic mixing style. Murlo operates in a number of unique spheres in both his production and DJ work, placing soca’s bright, airy melodies across grime’s spacious infrastructure and utilizing American hip hop and R&B to tie the whole affair down. Never one to hide away DJ secrets, he recently let loose a sublime blend of Kevin Gates’ “Arms of a Stranger” and Meleka’s “Go”, superimposing the latter’s aching vocals over the former’s (S1 produced) trance-informed melodies. The blend is a wonderful DJ tool and elicits quite a few feels as an original in and of itself. It’s also free so give it a listen below and jumpstart those creative engines.

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