New Jam City – “Bells”

jam city

As one of the kingpins of the Night Slugs empire, Jam City has been given a lot of leeway in the past to experiment and to postulate on a number of different sounds and concepts. His debut album, Classical Curves, was a dense and often difficult to digest, but after multiple listens, a largely rewarding listening experience. For his most recent Night Slugs release, Club Constructions Vol. 6, Jam City dispensed of much of his conceptual arsenal and instead turned in five straightforward-as-hell drum tracks that just might be the most impressive of the series. It’s some of the best club music of the year and has endless playback qualities, not an easily attained combination. “Bells” is a track that (somehow) didn’t make the cut for Vol. 6. Like the other five tracks, “Bells” is a stripped down drum track, accented by charm-like synthesized bells. It’s also currently up for free download so listen below and head here to snag the track.

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