New Strict Face – “Forever In Dreams”

strict face

Slackk’s monthly mixes have been a source for fresh, exciting grime since their inception and one of the most exciting artists we’ve discovered is Australia’s own Strict Face. Like many of his contemporaries, Strict Face’s sound is spacious and all-encompassing, but instead of the dark, heaving sound palette many other grime producers utilize, he deploys bright, uplifting melodies. “Forever In Dreams”, his latest sketch, is a meandering journey through breathy synth melodies paced over an orchestral backing. There are occasional whooshing percussive noises, but the song is almost completely devoid of drums. It’s warm and lush, but also slightly disorienting and dreamlike. From the mouth of Strict Face himself:

A disillusioned gangster dreams of the heavens for the final time before embarking on his final voyage through life.

Couldn’t sum it up better.

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