New Spark Master Tape – “KKaptain Baseball Bat Boi” (Prod. Paper Platoon)

spark master tape

Another day, another sinister, hard-hitting Spark Master Tape track. With a new tape coming soon, the people have been graced with “KKaptain Baseball Bat Boi” and an accompanying (supposedly) crowd-sourced video of various masked figures getting into shenanigans. The same high pitched voice that was a constant presence on The #SWOUP Serengeti is here again, exclaiming “look ma, I’m twerking” and balancing out the heavy nature of the MC’s pitched down verses. The majority of Paper Platoon’s production is made up of a buzzing g-funk synth, rattling snares and hi hats and rumbling sub-bass. Like most Spark Master Tape songs, there’s also a subtle beauty to “KKaptain Baseball Bat Boi”, found towards the end of the track in breathy female vocals and a beautiful melodic string section that accompany the percussion effortlessly. Stream/download below and hit the jump to watch the video.

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