Pangaea Remixes Jon Hopkins’ “Collider”


When we first heard Jon Hopkins’ “Collider”, the nine minute opus left us in a bewildered, transfixed state, scrambling to spin the record back, while simultaneously unwilling to forego what was coming next on the LP. “Collider” is probably the best symbol of Immunity‘s inherent worth, a crunchy, slumped techno journey that really only comes into its own three minutes in. The melodies are large, yet seem to sit just bellow the rhythm, vocals set even deeper in the cavernous mix. Despite his idiosyncratic take on techno, Hopkins has actually been the target for quite a bit of remix work (Nosaj Thing, Luke Abbott) and an extended version of Immunity was released yesterday on Domino Records that includes both previously released and unreleased works. When we envisioned Pangaea’s remix of “Collider”, it was cacophonous and runaway truck wild, but the final result is actually somewhat reserved, reigning in a good amount of the click and crunch of the original into something a little more fit for club play. As well as appearing on the extended LP, Pangaea’s remix will also be placed (along with remixes from Objekt and Karenn) on the “Collider” single, which will be released in digital/12″ on February 24.

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