Write For The Astral Plane!


It’s 2014. A new year, which means new aspirations, new goals, and a new purview for this “old” music blog. With its genesis in the early months of 2012, The Astral Plane has grown steadily, gained traction and has flourished into the multi-dimensional animal. These past two years have treated us well and now, we find ourselves in the rare position where we have actually begun to realize and surpass our original intent. We have developed an ongoing mix series featuring exclusive content from our favorite producers, interviews that not only showcase transcendent artists, but are also interesting and readable, and have immersed ourselves in a world of forward thinking music that we (and hopefully you) couldn’t fathom not being apart of. Our future is in front of us and it looks really, really good. But, in order to take this blog where we want it to go, we need help.

This is a recruitment letter to anyone hoping to join our little family of music writers here at The Astral Plane. As a non-profit entity, it’s a challenge to churn out original content on a regular basis so we’re looking for writers, visual artists, videographers, web designers and/or general music enthusiasts who are interested in contributing their skills to the blog. While we do cover a rather specific corner of the respective electronic and hip hop spheres, we are always open to expansion and new perspectives. The job is non-paying, but is often rewarded in free shows, promos and ephemeral Internet respect.  If you are interested in contributing your skill set to the team, please send several writing samples (or another example of your work) and a short introduction to gabe@dotheastralplane. There’s always a range of involvement so please don’t hesitate to reach out and we can subsequently figure out the best way for you to contribute! We’ve got love for the crew.

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