New DJ Vague – “Porsche Trax 3”

dj vague - helix

Aidan Bennison’s Templar Sound imprint hasn’t always been the most prolific outfit, but they’ve always had their ear to the ground and picked up on sounds and trends well ahead of other similarly minded labels. Their latest signee, the ambiguously named DJ Vague, churns out speedy techno that retains a human element despite its intensive percussion and hazy melodies. On “Porsche Trax 3”, a crackling stomp box kick drum sets off a driving, rhythmically complex track that grows into an ebullient peak-time slammer over a seven minute runtime. The EP is set for a January 20 digital/vinyl release and features two other automotive-oriented trax that operate at an equally high level. Stream “Porsche Trax 3” below and hit the jump to preview the entire EP.

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