DJ Milktray Edits Flukes’ “Wifey Riddim”


Valentine’s Day is far from my favorite holiday as far as free/new music goes, although though the deluge of 90s R&B generally manages to prick my ears up for a few hours. Lucky for all of us, DJ Milktray is here to save us from the melodramatic morass. Taking on Flukes’ (of “Grime Groupies” fame) “Wifey Riddim”, Milktray turns in a typically choppy take on the indelible original in an act of rearrangement that will be familiar if you’ve heard his Ruff Sqwad, 50 Cent and A$AP Ferg edits in the past. Along with Inkke, Milktray is grinding his way into the general consciousness through an impressive streak of edits that demand attention in equal parts for their earworm qualities and 8 bar sensibilities.

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