New Imaabs – “Analogic Idyll”


Last November, Santiago, Chile-based producer Imaabs released the Baroque EP on Diamante Records, a dusty, stomping affair that ended up as one of the most striking club music releases of the year. One of the southernmost pioneers of ballroom, Jersey club and ghetto house, Imaabs (born Cristo Gavras) has released several unremitting releases to date, simmering the previously mentioned regional sounds into their most bare-bone incarnations. He’s also managed to draw in some formidable remixers/support with MikeQ and Distal both contributing reworks to Baroque. “Analogic Idyll” exemplifies Gavras’ less-is-more attitude, focusing almost entirely on an obliterating kick and the always affecting “whoop” sample so common in ballroom. Utilizing such a small sound palette, it’s Imaabs’ proficiency with classic drum machine sounds that makes him such an effective producer.

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