New Tsvi – “I Married The Woman Of My Dreams”


London producer Tsvi first caught our attentions through an exuberant edits package that captured the adventurous spirit of devil mix grime, only if it had the propulsive nature of percussive techno. Lacking any pretension, Tsvi’s work has an intangible immediacy to it and despite having a relatively small footprint, it’s clear that he has the panache to join a rarified stratum of artists. “I Married The Woman Of My Dreams” is the latest Tsvi jawn and, for now, the only track on his Soundcloud. In a recent Bok Bok interview, the Night Slugs head honcho referred to an aesthetic he calls the “hyper-real”, a distinctly hi-fi sound that retains an innate natural sensibility. It can be seen in the Classical Curves cover art, Girl Unit’s Hysterics project and, as far I’m concerned, “I Married The Woman Of My Dreams”. While Bok Bok’s use of the adjective “wooden” is a little convoluted, the conflagration of metal, earth and space in the aforementioned projects in undeniable. We might have a hyper-real movement on our hands so keep an eye out for Tsvi.

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