New Riley Lake – “B Goin In (Dub Mix)”


As he’s balanced hip hop production, mix engineer work and the ever-progressing concern of a growing hardware stockpile, Milwaukee-resident Riley Lake (born Will Mitchell) has also consistently dipped his toes into the realm of club music, drawing material and influence from a collection of producers, labels and crews that range from the tasteful linearity of Clone and 3024 to boundary-pushing grime outlets Goon Club All Stars and Glacial Sound. “B Goin In” is his latest foray into clubland and features both a dub mix and a delightfully fun Destiny’s Child flip. The stripped back dub mix highlight’s Mitchell’s substantial progression over the past year or so, a veritable simulacrum of the contemporary avant-garde dance that signals a bank of well-researched samples and a strong comprehension of the physical dimensions of the club space. Drop Mitchell a line on Twitter for a download and hit the jump to the stream the “B Goin In (Vocal Mix)”.

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  1. Jon Meier said:

    Will is in Milwaukee now? Riley Lake?


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