Rope Mix For The Astral Plane


Bristol has generally been perceived as dubstep’s second city, a concrete-hewn outpost of everything rough, dark and ponderously weighty. Slightly outside of the influence of the capitol, Bristol legends Pinch, Peverelist, Joker, Appleblim and more have carried the mid-sized city into a surprising position of influence within the greater bass weight-focused dance music scene. In a similar fashion to the trend of aforementioned producers rising to prominence in parallel to their counterparts in London a decade ago, a new breed of Bristolian has begun to experiment with grime and techno with a uniquely insolent outlook that both bucks the influence of the capitol and draws on its more aggressive strains. Rope is a new name in the Bristol game, but the producer’s upcoming EP on also-brand-new Parison Records is one of the most mature, properly conceived releases to come out of the city in recent memory. Taking direct influence from anime soundtracks, Rope artificially designs an urban environment heavy on futuristic decay and out-of-control technology. Every movement carries a coinciding physical counter-movement, whether that be the scything snares that come in flurries on “Slugface”, or the desperate, immaculately textured rubber ball bass hits on “Cotham Warrior”. For his Astral Plane mix, Rope offers a proper overview of his contemporaries and slots his own originals effortlessly alongside modern classics along the lines of Gage’s “Tello”, Blackwax’s “Grimace” and Mumdance and Novelist’s “Take Time”. Bristol-bred dubstep and grime will always have its denizens, but the new breed, led by Rope, has an opportunity to raise the metropolis beyond second city status. Hit the jump for the track list and pre-order Cotham Warrior/Slugface here.

Wen & Parris – Caught

Mumdance ft Novelist – Take Time (Instrumental)

Rope – Hangman

Piri Piri ft Sally Crumb – Ice Cream (Visionist Remix)

Blackwax – Grimace

Slackk – Algiers

Gage – Telo

Twwth – Thousand Million

Kenji Kawaii – Making of a Cybord (Rope Re-Interpretation)

Randomer – Nar

Timbah – No Tux (Sentiment Remix)

Rope – Cotham Warrior (Boycott Remix)

Rope – Volley

Lamont – Far Away (Hi5Ghost remix)

Bleaka – Killjoy

Twwth – NAOMI XX

Rope – The Unseen

Boycott – Utah Jazz

Sentiment – Wax Wings

Moleskin – Clemancy

Mumdance – The Sprawl

Rope ft Sentiment – Slugface

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